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Persona led, rankable content made simple

Using generative AI, Cavefish creates persona led, organic content, improving your search engine rankings, and helping you generate more digital engagement.

What we do

We allow people to quickly get to the content topics that have the highest probability of engagement, and automatically develop content for it. Wake up every morning and have content to publish across your digital channels.

How do we do it

Using a variety of analytics, trends and deep modelling, we look at data in real time and make the best possible recommendations to either your team, or fed directly into our AI engines for content generation.

Why we do it

We saw a gap in the market where companies that didn’t have the luxury of a large Digital team still needed to work out where they should focus their marketing efforts, without having to resort to an ever spiralling PPC budget.

How Cavefish works

Would you like to simplify and improve your content creation to achieve better results?

Cavefish creates organic content which will get you noticed, improve your search engine ranking, and generate sales opportunities.

Enter your topics and let the Cavefish advanced AI engine do the rest. It will analyse millions of web pages to find the most popular and trending topics and then automatically create personalised content to maximise your search engine ranking.

Wake up every morning and be presented with content topics, or full blown content ready to deploy.

keyword cluster post ai generation
Analyzes data to identify engaging content topics
Automates content creation for digital channels
Bridges the gap for small teams’ marketing efforts
Offers SEO expertise integrated with AI analytics
Enhances digital assets with UX, content, and technical SEO
Simplifies content generation for businesses of all sizes
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