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We love Digital simplicity, Our Journey in embedding AI into companies

As techies, we love demystifying complex things into manageable bytes. We employ clever people with ambition who want to create something and be part of something bigger, grow personally as the organisation grows. Every day starts with ‘what if’ regardless of role or seniority, everyone has a seat at the table when it comes to innovation and culture.

We hate bureaucracy, things that don’t work and bad coffee. We love dogs, positive attitudes and having fun (not forced corporate fun) and believe our roles are to create the leaders of the future. We employ based on capability and passion; age, sex, disability, gender etc is irrelevant, that’s the Cavefish way.

Cavefish is a UK-based company founded on the core belief that high-performing digital assets shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of large enterprises with boundless resources. Established by a group of experienced professionals from industry giants like Assurant, Lloyds, and JCB, we have pooled our collective wisdom to address the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the digital landscape.

The four pillars of Cavefish encompass a rich blend of skill sets—digital marketing , software engineering, digital operations, and digital performance. This amalgamation enables us to offer a bespoke range of services that seamlessly blend with AI, resulting in  data-driven decisions and content that really performs. Our agile structure allows us to be adaptive and customer-focused, offering the sort of personalised attention to detail that larger agencies often overlook.

We understand that in the modern business world, an effective online presence is more critical than ever. This is especially true for SMEs who need to compete with bigger players but may not have the resources to employ a comprehensive digital team. Cavefish fills that gap by delivering agency-level expertise at a scale that suits your business, ensuring you don’t just survive in the digital age but truly thrive.

The uniqueness of Cavefish lies in our approach. We don’t just provide marketing solutions; we integrate AI-driven analytics to fine-tune your digital assets for optimal performance. Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, drive web traffic, increase conversions, or all of the above, our customised strategies ensure that your business goals are met with precision and efficiency. We make data-backed decisions that not only elevate your search engine rankings but also contribute to meaningful customer engagement.


Cavefish is a platform that helps businesses generate effective content without needing technical expertise or deep market knowledge.  It has four key features:

Technical analysis – Cavefish scans your website to identify issues that may hurt search engine and user performance.  It looks at structure, data, speed, usability and more.

Research – In-depth analysis of factors impacting your search rankings, customer interests, competitors, and hot topics.  This data is filtered to develop optimised recommendations.

Recommendations – Focused suggestions to improve long-term search engine results and outperform competitors.  This includes ideal keywords, keyword phrases, and high-performing content structures.

Content generation – Using advanced AI, Cavefish creates customised text, images, and video for your website and marketing.  This includes blog posts, social media, ads, lead gen, sales, and synthesised video.

The goal is to help businesses generate effective content without needing technical expertise in SEO, data analysis and insights, writing, or design.  Cavefish handles the research and creation, allowing you to focus on your core business.

In a fast-paced, ever-changing digital world, staying ahead of the curve can be a challenge. That’s where Cavefish comes in. We’re more than just a service provider; consider us an extension of your team, committed to your long-term success. With Cavefish, you’re not just getting another marketing agency; you’re gaining a strategic partner invested in your digital excellence.

How we approach Digital performance, and our Commitment to Cutting-Edge SEO Solutions

The landscape of digital performance is a complex but navigable terrain, where the convergence of UX (User Experience), Content, and Technical SEO can dramatically influence success. At Cavefish, these three key principles are the bedrock of our service offerings, ensuring that every digital asset we touch becomes a powerhouse of online engagement and visibility.

User Experience (UX)

In the realm of digital performance, UX is far from a mere buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of how your audience interacts with your brand online. A well-designed, user-centric interface is pivotal not just for retaining customers but for turning them into brand ambassadors. At Cavefish, our UX designs are backed by intensive research, analytics, and A/B testing, ensuring a seamless user journey. We pay meticulous attention to everything from site load speed to navigation ease, thereby reducing bounce rates and increasing session durations. By focusing on the user’s experience, we can pinpoint exactly what keeps them engaged and coming back for more, which, in turn, boosts conversion rates.

Consumable Content

Content is king, and in the digital performance arena, its role is royal indeed. High-quality, relevant content serves as the connective tissue between a brand and its audience, delivering value that goes beyond mere SEO rankings. At Cavefish, we leverage AI tools and advanced analytics to understand the content landscape of your specific niche. We meticulously craft each piece to resonate with your target audience while being rich in keywords and metadata for optimal SEO impact. Our content strategies are designed to be both scalable and sustainable, ensuring your digital assets enjoy long-term relevance and authority in your sector.

Technical SEO

Often the most underestimated of the trio, Technical SEO is the backbone that holds your digital performance together. While UX and content might be the face and voice of your online persona, Technical SEO is the underlying structure that makes everything work smoothly. It encompasses everything from mobile-friendliness, website speed, XML sitemaps to schema markups. A site that’s easy for search engines to crawl and index is a site that’s easier for users to find and interact with. At Cavefish, we perform thorough audits of your website’s technical architecture, identifying areas of improvement to boost your search engine rankings and, ultimately, your ROI.

By harmonising these three core principles—UX, Content, and Technical SEO—we at Cavefish offer a holistic digital performance strategy that’s tailor-made for your business. The outcome is not just an upswing in your search engine rankings, but a tangible improvement in audience engagement, customer retention, and overall brand authority. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your digital presence is fine-tuned to perfection, making your SME not just competitive but formidable in the digital arena.

Founding members

Jonathan Prescott – CDAIO – LinkedIn Profile

Andrew Davidson – CTO – LinkedIn Profile

Spud and Holly – Chief Entertainment Officers