Spud and Holly – Chief Entertainment Officers

chief entertainments officer

Bio Content:

Specialism and Capability:


  • Master Sock Thief: Specialises in stealthily relocating socks to undisclosed locations, ensuring a fun and puzzling game of hide-and-seek with every laundry day.
  • Professional Tail Chaser: Expert in circular aerobics, providing endless amusement with her dizzying pursuits to catch her ever-elusive tail.
  • Cuddle Consultant: Offers top-tier snuggle services, demonstrating a profound ability to melt hearts and soothe souls with her warm, furry embraces.


  • Squirrel Surveillance Specialist: Vigilantly monitors all squirrel activity with unmatched focus, keeping the yard free of furry intruders and the entertainment high.
  • Bark Interpreter: Communicates desires, warnings, and existential thoughts through a sophisticated array of barks, ensuring everyone is well-informed and entertained.
  • Hole-Digging Champion: Holds the backyard record for most holes dug in an hour, providing fascinating archaeological digs for any interested parties (and a great workout for the landscapers).

Professional History:

  • Dynamic Duo Since 2020: Together, Holly and Spud have formed a formidable partnership, reigning as Chief Entertainment Officers since they joined the family. Their joint efforts have dramatically improved daily morale and have been instrumental in maintaining a lively home environment.
  • Paw-sitive Workplace Impact: Known for their infectious enthusiasm, Holly and Spud have introduced a variety of innovative entertainment strategies to the household. These include the morning zoomie routine and the pre-dinner “bark and chase” performance, which have become highly anticipated daily events.
  • Community Relations and Outreach: This team excels in fostering community spirit and neighbourly love. Whether it’s warmly greeting the mailman or passionately patrolling the fence lines, they ensure all passers by leave with a smile, making them local legends in their own right.
  • Together, Holly and Spud continue to uphold their title with honour, bringing joy and laughter to all they meet through their dedicated service as Chief Entertainment Officers.


  • Holly:
  • Puppy Kindergarten Graduate: Mastered the basics of sit, stay, and come at the local community centre, showing a keen ability to lead the pack in obedience and charm.
  • Advanced Sniffing Course: Specialised in olfactory recognition, graduating top of her class from the Sniff and Seek Academy, where she honed her skills in detecting treats from great distances.
  • Diploma in Human Psychology: Acquired an unofficial but highly effective education in reading human emotions, providing comfort during sad times and doubling the joy during happy moments.
  • Spud:
  • Digging and Hiding Certification: Attended the Backyard University, where he developed his signature excavation techniques and hide-and-seek strategies, which are now patented under his name.
  • Squirrel Monitoring Program: Completed a specialized course offered by the Neighbourhood Watch for Dogs, learning advanced tactics in squirrel surveillance and territory management.
  • Workshop in Barkology: Participated in a workshop focusing on vocal communication, where he learned how to use different barks to communicate everything from danger to dinner time effectively.