Welcome to Cavefish! Experts in applying AI.

Building a good website or social media presence takes more than a handful of keywords. At Cavefish, we combine AI with expertise in data analysis and digital marketing to get real results for our clients. This is why we consider ourselves as providers of “Applied AI.”

One goal of search engine optimization, SEO, is to connect with potential new customers by creating content on topics they care about. Cavefish can analyse data to identify those topics that are most relevant for your business and customers. This helps attract customers over the long-term and brings real value to your company.

We put a lot of time and skill into preparing and analysing data before generating content with AI. This preparation work is key to getting the best outcomes from AI. As they say, it’s all in the preparation.

Rather than guessing what your potential customers want, our proprietary data tools study information about your business, customers, competitors and market place. It doesn’t stop there; we add trends and hot topics to the mix. This allows us to recommend highly relevant keywords, topics and content plans tailored to your goals – whether they are driving growth, entering new markets, building reputation, or simply beating competitors!

We take these recommendations and turn them into engineered prompts to get great SEO content from multiple AI systems. The end result is tuned content ready for your website and social media. It’s this combination of expertise, preparation and AI that makes us the Applied AI specialists.

If you want to find out how our Applied AI SEO solutions will work for you, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to explore this.