Navigating the New Frontier: The Intersection of GenAI and Brand Strategy

The age of Generative AI, or GenAI, has ushered in an era of unprecedented potential for brands. These AI algorithms can autonomously create assets like images, videos, and text, significantly speeding up tasks such as editing, resizing, and even localization. But with great power comes great responsibility—specifically, the responsibility to ensure that your brand’s use of GenAI adheres to legal norms, respects copyrights, and maintains brand identity.

Start with What You Own

The key to successfully implementing GenAI is to root it in your brand’s existing content and guidelines. While it’s tempting to let the AI run wild, this may lead to inconsistencies that could dilute your brand message. By setting parameters that align with your brand’s vision, GenAI tools can autonomously generate assets that extend your brand identity rather than contradict it.

Involve Legal Teams

Deploying AI-generated content should be a multidisciplinary effort. Your legal team should review all GenAI-produced materials to pre-emptively catch any potential infringements. Platforms like Google have also made it easier to report any violations through simple online forms. This proactive approach can save you from legal headaches down the line.

Established Policies Still Apply

Although GenAI may seem like uncharted territory, many advertising platforms already have well-established policies in place for evaluating ad content. These norms apply equally to AI-generated content. Following them ensures that you adhere to both copyright and trademark guidelines, protecting the rights of all involved parties.

The AI-Human Partnership

As much as AI can offer, it should not be a substitute for human creativity and judgment. Human oversight ensures that the GenAI assets maintain the nuanced understanding of brand vision and compliance with ever-evolving industry standards. Combining original human-created content with GenAI assets creates a symbiotic relationship that captures the best of both worlds.

Informing Business Strategy through AI Insights

Beyond asset creation, AI can also offer invaluable business insights. Features like Google Ads’ Insights Page can guide data-driven decision-making. You can understand performance fluctuations, identify which audience segments resonate the most with your assets, and gain auction insights to compare against competitors. These insights are foundational in crafting a more robust and profitable business strategy.

The Future: One Tool to Rule Them All?

The digital landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Marketers are overwhelmed with choices, creating a yearning for a single, AI-powered solution like Cavefish. But the question remains: Will there ever be one solution that conquers all challenges? It’s too early to tell, but what’s certain is the need for brands to be adaptive, informed, and responsible in their use of AI.


Brands keen to tap into the power of GenAI should navigate this space cautiously. By collaborating across departments, adhering to established guidelines, and complementing AI with human review, businesses can harness the creative might of GenAI—responsibly and effectively.

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